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Students hold a dear place in my heart.  And if you are a student I would welcome the opportunity to assist you wherever possible. 

I was a student myself for many years – through grade school, college, under-graduate and graduate
studies, police training, etc.  And through much of my student life I was married, raising children and working.  I have also been a community volunteer and educator for many years, working with countless students – younger and older.  So I can empathise with the many challenges students of all ages and circumstances face.

Many students are trying to find their way in education and career.  They are usually seekers of truth and want to contribute
positively to their world.  While they engage these pursuits they often struggle with the questions and mysteries that arise from it.  Not uncommonly this includes questions such as: Who am I – what is my identity?  Do I have a purpose in life, or vocation?  And if so, what is it?  What course of study should I take, or continue on?  Or what career path should I choose?  These are matters that my Life and Career Coaching can help with. 

Students also commonly face unique personal and life challenges.  It may be the first time they are away from home and parents.  They may be studying in a different city, province or country - all of which can lead to loneliness, isolation, confusion or a sense of lost-ness.  Or, the stress of working a job and studying at the same time – sometimes also playing university sports – can lead to overwork, fatigue, depression and burnout.  Alternatively, some students are challenged with a broken or difficult past and are trying to manage their present new life all on their own.  Students also commonly have serious questions relating to ethics and morality.  How does a person journey all these pressures of student life?  These are matters that my Counselling services can help with.

I provide a special rate for my services to students.  So if you are a student – or know a student – who is facing any of these challenges please do not hesitate to give me a call or email.  I would be happy to meet for a free consultation and discuss how I might be able to help.

salva veritate

(with truth intact)