Equipping for Life & Service

bono malum superate

(overcome evil with good)

Are you a police officer or working in another field of justice and public safety?  What of your career?  Do you want to be more deliberate in how you plan your career?  Or maybe you are considering a transfer or promotion and don’t know if you should take it?  Perhaps your ethical and moral compass has become faulty?  Or you feel stuck?  Or your sense of vocational purpose and meaning has been lost?  Or maybe you just don’t know how to handle the workplace politics anymore?  

And what of your personal and family life?  Are you maintaining physical, emotional, relational and spiritual
health?  Are you struggling in your marriage?  Have you become negative, cynical or irritable around your family and friends?  Do you enjoy the things outside work that you used to enjoy?  Have you become depressed or lost hope?  Maybe you (and your family) are struggling with the effects of shift work, call-outs, chronic stress or trauma? 

Sadly, it is not uncommon that while sacrificing for the sake of others people in these noble professions can, along with their spouses and families, end up being victims of the negative effects of shiftwork, callouts, overtime, adrenaline highs and lows, workplace politics and toxicity and the like.  Add to this the effects of trauma - especially numerous events of trauma - and the accumulative impact is no little matter.  Further, officers and their families can commonly end up feeling forgotten, betrayed or even attacked by those within “the system” who they thought were on their side.  The unique pressures and scrutiny today upon people in these fields of service can grind them down and wound them and those they love most. 

In my work I place a very special emphasis on helping police, justice and public safety personnel.  And their families.  25 years of policing made me very aware of the struggles people working in emergency services go through – and of the struggles those that love them go through. 

If you are a police officer or working in any field of justice and public safety – or if you love and care for someone who works in these professions – and you want to contact me for a confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to call or email.  It would be my pleasure to assist you or those you love.

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