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Another specialised service I provide that is related to my career coaching is consulting with businesses and other organisations to help them hire the right people for the right jobs and fit the people they have already hired with the jobs that best fit their personal style and skills. 

As an Associate with the Consulting Resource Group (https://www.crgleader.com/) I am able to access over 100 assessment and learning tools that can save organisations and employees a great deal of frustration, time, effort and money. 

I also specialise in helping organisations conduct problem solving.  Often a poisonous and toxic environment can develop in the workplace for any variety or combination of reasons.  Sometimes systems are poorly designed or administered.  Sometimes old ways of doing things are not working anymore.  Sometimes too much is expected with too little resources.  Sometimes managers are deficient or poor leaders.  Sometimes staff are deficient or poor followers.  But more often than not it is a combination of these types of things that create apparently insurmountable problems that affect not only the work environment but also customer service and "the bottom line."

If you would like to speak with me to determine if I might be able to assist your business or organisation please call or email.  I would be pleased to assist you.