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What, pray tell, is “life and career coaching?”  In short, it is equipping people to navigate the questions confusions, frustrations and possibilities of life and career so they can live and/or work as optimally and purposefully as possible. 

team builder and trainer Alan Chapman explains, “The term coaching typically refers to methods of helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and to manage life change and personal challenges.  Coaching commonly addresses attitudes, behaviours, and knowledge, as well as skills, and can also focus on physical and spiritual development too.”


Executive coach, consultant and scholar Dr. Terry Anderson concludes, “Coaching has now become an established profession that synthesizes the best aspects of business, leadership, psychology, communications, organization development, counselling, consulting, sports, philosophy, theology, health, and finance” (ref: 

In today’s individualistic, conflicted, fractured and increasingly rootless society many have no one to help them develop the attitudes, behaviours, knowledge and skills to navigate and succeed in personal life, relationships and/or career.  That's where I come in.

Through my coaching I seek to help people understand their identity and purpose in life and/or career.  Who are you?  What inspires you?  What motivates you?  What provides a sense of purpose and meaning, and how can this be nurtured and applied?  What are your values, personal style traits, aptitudes, gifts and abilities?  What about your foundations?  Your roots?  Are they solid, secure, firm, deep and healthy?  And considering all of the realities in life, relationships and career how can you continue to think, act and serve most nobly...most humanly?   

What makes me unique as a life and career coach is that I am able to combine a number of unique attributes as I seek to equip people to optimise their lives for meaningful living and purposeful service.  First, I am a licensed Associate with the Consulting Resource Group – a leading agency in assessing for personal and professional development.  Second, I am a certified coach and consultant with the Institute for Credible Leadership Development – a division of the International Academy for Public Safety.  Third, I am able to draw on my interdisciplinary humanities and social science education.  Fourth, as a historian I draw on the strategies and practices of successful life and vocational coaches throughout history.  Fifth, I access an extensive background in sports coaching as well as in public and pastoral service.  And lastly, I bring to my life and career coaching over a half century of just plain living.

Why not take a minute and give me a call or send me an email?  It would be my pleasure to explore how I might be able to help you, your team or those in your organisation.


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