I have over 35 years of experience as an educator and speaker in Canada, the United States and Britain.  I have taught in the public educational system at the grade school and post-secondary levels, and am presently a teacher at our local community college.  In my policing career I gave countless keynote lectures and workshops for the public and police personnel in a wide variety of settings including community meetings and training academies.  As a pastor one of my main tasks was providing and overseeing the ongoing and meaningful education of parishioners in the local church.  I have also served as an educator at such venues as summer camps, men's retreats, couples retreats and more.  I have presented to small groups and large audiences, to people young and old.  I am a highly interactive speaker and enjoy connecting with people in educational settings, working hard to ensure they benefit from the occasion and have fun while doing so.

Some of the topics I offer through my educational services include but are not limited to the following:
- Living a Balanced Life in an Unbalanced World

- Living and Leading with Integrity and Purpose

- Values, Ethics and Moral Compass in the Workplace
- Discovering and Applying Your Personal Style and Gifts

- How to Function Optimally as a Team

Specifically for police and public safety personnel – and their families – I offer the above as well as the following topics:
- How to Thrive in the Long Haul as an Officer (and Officer’s Family)

- Strategic Career, Transfer and Promotional Intelligence
- Keeping Heart Through it All

For business and other organisations and their staff I offer:
- How to Hire the Best Employee
- Leading and Following Well in the Workplace

These are only a sample of the topics I offer.  If you would like to speak with me further about these and other options or arrange a booking please feel free to call or email.  I would be pleased to assist you where I can.


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