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cor unum et anima una

(one heart, one soul)

Those of us who saw the Princess Bride movie could not help but laugh as the bishop with the apparent speech impediment described marriage to the young couple who was looking ahead to their certain (?!) future of bliss.  But how many of us who have begun in bliss have found ourselves slugging along in the drudgery of "the straight life" wondering where the bliss disappeared to? 

Circumstances of life, relationships and work put a tremendous strain on couples today making it very difficult to keep the intimacy in their relationship.  Not uncommonly, many couples find themselves living not only with the strain of circumstances but with deep hurt, pain and even betrayal that sadly may have even entered their relationship through the person they loved and trusted the most.   What begins with blissful hopes and dreams sometimes ends up in a discouraging nightmare.

On a personal note, my wife Sharon and I have been married for 35 years.  We know what it is like to journey along the twisting, turning, bumpy road of life and marriage together.  It can be so easy to get lost, to stray off the path or even to hit landmines.  We have sometimes needed someone to journey with us.  Or to help us "find our way back."  Or to guide us.  Or help find healing for our wounds.  

So many forces are working against couples today.  With divorce rates as high as they are many wonder why they would even marry.  And if they do, when the going seems to get too tough they wonder if, how or why they should stick with it.  But I can tell you that your relationship IS worth fighting for.  And a healthy and loving relationship IS possible.

Sometimes - I would venture to say always - couples need help to win.  That's where I may be able to help.  If you are even thinking you might need to connect with me then please do.  We can meet for a free and confidential consultation.  It would give me deep joy to help.