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Are you seeking wholeness?  Recovery from wounds, or trauma?  Or is your heart just aching or sad?  Maybe you are stuck or struggling in your marriage, or some other relationship - either personally or at work?  Is there some bitterness that you can not seem to overcome?  Perhaps your life has just become a plain muddle?  Or you might feel lost, or confused?  Broken, or depressed?  Or you know someone who is? 

One of the services I offer is that of counselling.  In my counselling services I draw on my interdisciplinary background, training, experience and life to help others address root causes of ill-health, distorted thinking, life imbalance and bitter relationships.  I acknowledge the need to consider the whole person - physically, psychologically and spiritually - in order to bring balance as well as lasting and optimal health to one's life, relationships and vocation.

Compared with coaching, leadership expert Dr. Indigo Triplett argues that counselling tends to focus on analyzing the past whereas coaching focuses on future development.  Counselling tends toward issues of ill-health, disruption in clear thinking, relationship problems, pain and the like, whereas coaching tends to look at skills development .  Of course, this is not to say that the two services must always function exclusively one from the other.  They may.   Or - as my work suggests - the two may sometimes function collaboratively. 
(see: http://www.inc.com/indio-triplett/coaching-versus-counseling-to-level-set-an-employee.html).

Besides seeking to mine and apply the wisdom of contemporary science, in my counselling I also draw upon the wisdom of the sages throughout history, who have passed down to us a great treasure that is all-too-often ignored today, to our peril.  I seek to apply the practical and proven truths and insights of both contemporary and historic counsellors in order to help facilitate health in the minds, hearts, souls, bodies and relationships of my clients.

If you think I might be able to assist you - or someone you love - please give me a call or email.  I would be pleased to connect for a free and confidential consultation.

Time alone does not

heal all wounds.