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Are you a small business owner?  Or do you lead a local church or charity?  Do you want help hiring and keeping the right people - paid or volunteer?  Or do you need help managing your present staff’s skills, talents and gifts?  Perhaps you are looking for assistance improving workplace team dynamics or solving internal staffing issues?

I seek to help organisations meet their objectives by optimising their most valuable resource – their staff.  Using proven and inexpensive assessment tools and collaborative processes I help improve staff performance, team work and productivity. 

This requires an investment in people before and after the hiring process.  All too often organisations do not know 
how to hire the right people for specific jobs.  Or, there can be major holes in their hiring practices, sometimes unknown to them.  Beyond that, they might unnecessarily settle with low performance or internal conflict while employees passively grind away in a dissatisfying workplace.  Commonly this can simply be because there has been little or no assessment of jobs, and correlation of these with the personal styles of prospective or present staff members.  In the end this affects team dynamics, customer service and an organisation’s "bottom line." 

A great deal of time, money and energy is spent by organisations in their hiring processes and subsequently dealing with problematic personnel issues.  Therefore these are not small matters to be ignored or mishandled.  Change and improvement can often be facilitated with more effective management and handling of the human resources an organisation or team already has.  Helping streamline solutions in order to maximise these valuable people is one of the things I do.

If you would like to contact me to discuss how I might be able to assist your organisation or team I would be pleased to hear from you.

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