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Do you want to live - and work - more purposefully?  Do you want to make a greater impact through your work and with those you work with, or for?  Maybe you are considering a new business, career, transfer or promotion?  Or perhaps trade school, college or university?  Or maybe you just feel lost, disoriented, hopeless or stuck in your life or work?  If any of these circumstances describes your situation, perhaps we need to connect?

Without a clear understanding of our identity as well  as our personal and vocational purpose we can end up wandering aimlessly through life and work, or always end up doing what others want or think we should do.  And without addressing the root causes of ongoing problems all we do, at best, is put bandaids on  matters that require greater scrutiny and care.

I seek to work together with people - in professional and personal situations - to help infuse meaning into life and find practical answers to dilemmas, roadblocks and problems. 

Individually and corporately there is a positive and wholesome meaning to life and a noble purpose for us all to fulfill.  Wise people throughout the centuries have acknowledged that one of the primary human quests is to seek and know our identity and purpose on this earth and to live, relate and work in optimal health with those around us.  I believe this needs to be an individual and corporate goal and practice.

My goal is to help people, teams and organisations live and work in optimal balance and health and to raise the human spirit and every activity and relationship to what it is meant to be.  I like to help "clear the fog" so as to create greater personal and corporate wholeness and success.  I help equip people to optimize their lives for meaningful living and purposeful service. 

We need positively rooted, balanced and healthy people today who can bring an affirming spirit and greater success to themselves, those they work with and those they serve.  Through my services I share from the pool of my experience, training, education, knowledge and research to help individuals, teams and organisations be and do what they are here for - individually and together.  This results in a much greater sense of fulfillment, contentment and hope along with a positive personal, social, community and even economic impact. 

Please feel free to explore my web site and consider the services I offer.  If you would like to discuss how I might be able to assist you, your team or organisation why not give me a call or email to arrange a free consultation.  It would be my pleasure to speak with you.

Certified SAGE (Consultant/Coach)

Institute for Credible Leadership Development

International Academy of Public Safety.


Denys A. Scully - B.A., M.A.

Licensed Associate

Consulting Resource Group International